“Thank you very much for helping me out last night and for adding on the Bride Pen to my order. I look forward to its arrival. My colleagues bought me My Wedding Planner when I got married 4 years ago after buying for others who swore by it. They had heard great things when deciding on the purchase and I have to say it really was the perfect gift. I loved the ring binder element along with the hard back and size. Made perfect for carrying it around and whipping straight to the relevant section I needed without the need to find something to lean on. I have saved it in my keepsake box. I thought this was the perfect present to pass on. I love the added touch of the Bride Pen as I had kept one with me but it wasn’t as special as this one :)”

·  Maria  ·

“A one stop shop for all wedding needs. Such a special service provided by May. Every product is so carefully thought out with the bride and groom at the centre of the process. My Wedding Planner is really the ultimate planner for any bride/groom planning their big day. Takes the stress and uncertainty out of decisions and time frames guiding the user through the wedding planning! I love dealing with May and receiving her products. Such high quality, attention to detail is second to none and her thoughtfulness with added touches does not go unnoticed. Highly recommended 🤵👰”

·  Niamh  ·

“The Engagement Box is the perfect engagement present! Someone bought it for me and I found the planner so useful. It is my go-to gift for newly engaged couples. Every detail that goes into the box is so beautiful and thoughtful. I will definitely buy it again, highly recommend!”

·  ⁠Margaret  ·

“I ordered the Bridesmaid Proposal Box for my bridesmaid, and I was absolutely blown away, so beautifully done. – so excited to meet up and ask my bridesmaid. Thank you x”

·  Claire  ·

“Thank you soooo much for this service. This experience has been flawless from start to finish. I love everything you have to offer. I really can’t thank you enough.”

· Ann⁠ ·

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