This Self Care Bride Box is what every bride to be needs as let’s be honest wedding planning is exhausting and you need a break from it.

Take a night off planning! Get yourself your favourite drink (you can even put wine in this travel mug – no judgement here!!!).

Shut yourself off to the world.

Pop on your face mask and use your Bride hair brand to keep the hair off your face!

Open your bar of chocolate and have yourself some well deserved self care.

This self care box is perfect for any stage of your wedding but it would be extra nice just before the wedding day.

In this Self Care Bride Box you’ll find:

  • Wedding Ring Finger Travel Mug in pink which literally signals LEAVE ME ALONE!!
  • Face Mask
  • Bride Hair Band which can be used over and over again. It would be great for the hen party too!
  • Chocolate Bar and some bridal themed sweets

Are you a bride looking for a little self care therapy or maybe you are looking to send a thoughtful gift to a bride to be?

You want, you need – go put it in your cart and say goodbye to wedding stress (even if it is just for a little bit).

And if you are sending it to the bride to be I can pop a note in for you – just put your message in the notes section of the order

PS. The Self Care Bride Box is free delivery in Ireland