In the world of chaotic wedding madness be Cilla, a bride to be who adored The Chilled Bride Box. Unlike Bridezilla’s she is a vision of calm and chillness.

When planning her wedding Cilla finds solace in The Chilled Bride Box, which has the best bridal t-shirt in the box along with a “Bride” hanger which she can use to either hang up this bridal tee or pop her wedding dress on for the morning of her wedding.

Picture this: as she opens the box, some confetti falls out and as she unwraps the beautiful tissue paper her eyes start to sparkle as she sees the two fingers on the t-shirt! And then burst out laughing

When Cilla wears this bridal tee she is not just a bride but she is a Bridechilla

Are you? Or do you know a Bridechilla? They can be rare but if you dare to channel your inner Cilla and be as chilled as you can be through your wedding planning journey The Chilled Bride Box is for a must for you or that Cilla friend you have in your mind right now!!!