My Bridesmaid Thank You Box


How are you going to thank you bridesmaid on your wedding day?

What about “My Bridesmaid Thank You” Box as there are lovely gifts inside and there will still be some room in the gold pillow box if you want to add anything else yourself?

So what is included?

  • Bridesmaid Perfect Pouch from Katie Loxton – the most fabulous bag for your bridesmaids to have on your wedding day
  • Of course you would need a “Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid” Card
  • Tissues for all the tears they will no doubt shed on your big day
  • Whilst it is not an actual lipstick, it is a love heart sweets lipstick and a few more goodies to keep the energy levels up (and some mints so they are smelling gorgeous)
  • Lastly, it is all packaged in a gold pillow box with some loose confetti inside to give it the final look


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