If you are looking for an engagement gift for a friend who has recently got engaged then this ENGAGED Water Bottle is the perfect gift for the bride to be!

Not only is this engagement bottle super cute but the bride will be sure to stay hydrated drinking from it which is very important in the lead up to her wedding.

When you are ordering this bottle you can pick the colour of the bottle and the colour of the font!

This water bottle is a must for the bride who is going around telling everyone she is ENGAGED AF!!

Care Instructions

  • Best to hand wash only
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scourers

PS. If you are feeling very overwhelmed with having just got engaged please know this is not unusual feeling.

Lots of brides feel this way especially when they keep getting asked the same questions over and over and don’t have the answers to them. E.g. When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? Have you asked your bridesmaids yet? I am sure you can add to this list.

Well, I have written a blog post on this in giving you some engagement tips in helping you through this. Click here for the read