Mini-Moon Ireland Ideas: Finnlough Hideaway

Finnlough is an ideal spot for a mini-moon in Ireland. You need to put on your bucket list! It is definitely one of those places that when you go to it you know you are ticking a box off! Niall treated me to two nights there for my 40th birthday. I had come across it initially on Instagram and fell in love with it as it seemed to be a place that brought you back to nature in a way that relaxed you. With suffering from chronic migraine and trying everything in the medical field and now looking in the alternative world this place really appealed to me to begin my journey to learn how to switch off!

Mini-moon Ireland Finnlough

These bubble domes are completely secluded in Finnlough’s private forest. When you are shown down to your bubble they don’t even bring you into it so you experience the whole thing yourselves from the gate where they leave! It is so magical! Finnlough have created this space wonderfully where you feel like you disappear from the hustle and bustle of the world as you look out onto nothing but trees and nature!

Bubble Dome

It was so private and secluded

Inside the dome you have a double bed, fridge, Nepresso machine, Roberts radio (that you can hook your music from your phone up too creating the perfect atmosphere) and a bathroom. You will learn very fast that the dome heats up quickly and cools quickly too but you’ll become a pro with the air-con.

Finnlough’s private forest

Welcome Sign

Everything about the place is about relaxing and this vibe is EVERYWHERE. Down by the lake there is a bar that also serves food with a view and in the open decking there is a Nepresso machine. Gazing out onto the lake on the loungers is the most sublime feeling.

Lake View

Coffee with a View

The cup was roasting to hold!

On the second day we did the Spa Trail which I was surprised Niall had booked for the two of us as he isn’t into spas but this was like no other. It is geared towards couples and as you do the 2 hour private trail you see no one else! You start off in a floatation cabin and your 20 minutes is timed by the light on the door. When this goes out you must respect it and move on to the next treatment as there will be another couple coming in behind us (even though we won’t see them). Following the floatation experience is two sauna’s and to cool down in one you can go to into the lake which I tried (unsuccessfully as the lake was freezing!). And lastly, you finish off in a hot tub. After drying off you can enjoy the relaxing room. This is timed also which is a pity as I would have stayed in this room for much longer reading my book and inevitably falling asleep.


Lake Swim

Relaxation Room

There is a bar for the evening time which was unbelievably stocked with such an amazing selection so we enjoyed selecting a few drinks here each night and keeping to the theme of the place it’s décor and feel was so relaxing.

Drinks in Finnlough

I wore no make up all weekend and it felt SO good!

We did though go back to our bubble before it got dark as I love this time of the night and I wanted to be in the bubble as it got dark and to see the stars come out! I brought drink with us that I popped into the fridge so we had it sitting back enjoying some music and waiting for the stars. Unfortunately, on the first night there were no stars but on the second night the sky was flooded with them and we even saw a shooting star. It was incredible and an experience I won’t forget! Whilst it was a costly weekend it was so worth it for the experience and also just to switch off (the two of us). It is the perfect place for a mini-moon.  The ideal escape for any couple.  It is a real treat and the perfect way to mark a special occasion!

Night drink

Waiting for the stars!

So what do you think? Will you be making a booking with Finnlough?