Mum’s are always there for us when we need them and this certainly isn’t going to change when planning a wedding. In fact you will be calling on them more (literally calling them!!). Also, if you turn into a Bridezilla you’ll want your mother to knock it out of you as you want to be as relax and calm as you can be in the lead up to your wedding to enjoy it.

Here are some Wedding Tips For The Mother Of The Bride when you are planning your wedding:

Guest List

This is one of the most difficult wedding tasks. Not to mention the seating plan but this is where your Mum can help you out. She can have a look at your initial wedding guest list and see if you have forgotten anyone and update you on any family politics or drama that might be happening (you will need this information for the seating plan)

Wedding Dress

Depending on your relationship with your Mum she’ll more than likely come with you to shop for your wedding dress. I know my Mum was involved it all my wedding dress shopping and we loved every minute of it. Once we had narrowed down the dresses (although I went with the first dress I tried on!) my bridesmaids then came along with us to make the final decision. Moments like this are precious so make the most of them – take photos, make a day of it!

RSVP Chasing

Let’s be honest there are always a group of people who don’t RSVP in time. It is such a nuisance but it happens every bride and groom planning their wedding. Instead of chasing your relations to see if they are coming to your wedding put you Mum on the case and get her to contact them.

In Laws

Do your parents know your partner’s parents? If not, get your Mum to organise an evening for the six of you to meet up – maybe go for dinner to get to know each other. It will also mean that on your wedding day it won’t be the first time they see each other.

Not Your Day

The Mother of the Bride also needs to appreciate that it is your day (your way!). Whilst she can help you in so many ways and be part of very special moments she will need to keep her lips seals at times. For example, if your wedding dress is not what she would choose!

Hen Party

If the Mother of the Bride is invited to the hen party she should go! That doesn’t not mean she’ll want to be at it all and presumably you don’t want her to there for it all!! But wouldn’t it be nice if she could go for the dinner or if you are staying in a hotel you could both go down a day before and enjoy the spa first? 


Once you and your bridesmaids have picked your dresses, next up is the Mother of the Bride’s outfit. This is always a tough one so it is best to start looking asap for it. Also, a tradition would be that the Mother of the Groom won’t get her outfit until the Mother of the Bride has hers so best to get your mother the outfit sooner rather than later.

Self Care

As well as you getting time out for self care make sure your Mum does too as she’ll want to look her best for your wedding day too. Make sure she doesn’t get too stressed out either. Maybe you could book a monthly facial together or separately? Test out nail polishes (any excuse for Shellac nails!!!) Or even go for a walk and not talk about the W word!

What other wedding tips for the the Mother of the Bride do you have?

And if you are looking for any gifts for the Mother of the Bride or Mother of Groom check out this gift section I even have beautiful wedding day cards for these ladies