In this month’s wedding blog I have lots of wedding advice from real brides who had October Weddings in Ireland! It is jammed packed with lots of wedding inspiration and wedding tips too!

October Wedding Ireland

Real Wedding Inspiration

It turns out that I haven’t been to any weddings in October! I must sort that out!!!! As a result, I asked my followers if anyone would like to be part of my October Wedding Blog and thankfully I was able to feature these three stunning October Brides! Enjoy reading their wedding advice and looking at their photos!

Mary & David’s Wedding

Mary got married on the 22nd October in 2016 in Wexford. She loved having an October wedding as there was a certain feel in the air like no other time of year. As she says “the light in the sky was beautiful for photos as there was no glare or squinting due to bright sunlight”. Also, Mary adores candles and feels they are perfectly acceptable in October for ambience (personally I think they are acceptable all year round – so romantic!).  Mary had candles all around the church and then everywhere she could in the reception which she loved! They also used fresh pumpkins as props in their venue which was funky with the candle light!


Mary’s wedding advice includes:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Get ready for your special day and when that day comes there is no more you can do so just let go and celebrate! Whatever happens it’s no big deal and there are a million people around you to sort any minor mishaps. YOU don’t need to stress-let them sort it!

October Bride

  1. Everyone can be a critic in the planning of your wedding so just make sure you follow what YOU want and what YOU like…not what your great Aunt Mabel thinks you should do or invite!
  2. Wedding DIY – home make some bits yourself for the wedding like table place cards or favours.  Then on the day you have that little bit of pride that you made that which makes the little touches even more special.  It can also mean a girlie night in with your bridesmaids to help you get some wedding DIY done! And you can save a few quid too!
  3. The one thing Mary would highly recommend from her experience would be having a send-off before the wedding guests leave at the end of the night. Mary and her hubby planned to leave at midnight (turned out to be a tad later!) as they were going on honeymoon straight away. They found it was sooooo exciting not being the last people to leave their wedding and having all their family and friends wave them off to start their life together was so special. It might sound old fashioned but for them it was soooooo much fun.  I really love this idea!

Real Wedding

Eilis & Mikey’s Big Day

Bride and Groom

Eilis and Mikey just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary having gotten married last October on 18th October 2019! They got married in Castlecomer and their reception was in the Lord Bagenal Hotel in Carlow. Autumn is her favourite season so she tried to capture this theme throughout her wedding day! For their honeymoon they went to Vegas and Cancun – amazing!

Eilis’ wedding dress was a Martina Liana dress from Aibheil in Adare. She had a job to hunt down the dress but she eventually got a location in Ireland for it. She knew when she saw it, that it was the dress she had to have!

Real Bride

Wedding advice from Eilis includes:

  1. Do not sweat the small stuff, everything really does fall in to place.
  2. Take 10 minutes to yourself in a room after getting into your dress, doing this gave me time to compose myself!
  3. Do what you and your groom want, it is your day after all!
  4. The key to keeping dance floor full is to have bride and groom on it! We never left the dance floor all night!!
  5. Take it all in as the day goes so so fast, no one can prepare you for how fast it goes!
  6. Wedding blues are definitely a thing but it does pass, your wedding day is the start of something beautiful!

Eilis’ Aunt Mary made their wedding cake

Lorraine & Fran Wedding Day

Lorraine got married in October 2019 and runs The Hidden Gem which is an online Irish Statement Jewellery shop.  She stocks some really beautiful gems and she is definitely worth checking out! PS. She also has another side hustle too –  . There is no stopping this lady!

Lorraine kindly shares her wedding advice below:

  1. You do you….. Lorraine LOVES her heels but in reality she knew she was going to be on her feet for 13 plus hours so she got a beautiful pair of sparkly flats for her wedding day

Wedding Shoes

  1. It’s in the details…the only thing that your wedding guest will most likely remember is the food, drink and band but give it your own personal touch! Their dining hall was absolutely stunning and didn’t need much extra but Lorraine was so happy that they put a little extra effort into their table centre pieces and they had signs and cute personal touches around the venue.

Wedding Venue

  1. Don’t let anything rain on your parade-literally!! They got married on the weekend the tail end of storm Lorenzo hit Ireland and she is happy that both themselves their photographer insisted on getting pictures in the rain. As Lorraine says “sure getting soaked is part of the fun after all!”

Wedding in the rain

  1. Take some time with your partner on your wedding day. You have spent months/years planning this huge day in your lives that you need to sit back and take it all in together! Their wedding coordinator gave them 30 minutes to relax, eat some canapés, enjoy a glass of prosecco and generally catch up about what had happened so far that day! Please ask for this as this is something she will always really cherish. And they took a sneaky selfie to mark the moment also!

Wedding Selfie

  1. This could be the one and only time you get to thank those closest to you for their love and support! If you are confident enough Lorraine would highly recommend giving a little speech to express those feelings! The love and support in the room will make it even more special! It’s one thing she absolutely had no regret of on their day!

Wedding Speech

  1. Last but not least … RELAX!!! Wedding coordinators are the professionals, they organise these events for a living and are only too delighted to take control of the day. Lorraine would say the same for every other wedding vendor such as hairdresser, make-up artists, ceremonist, musicians and band. No matter if any hiccup arises, you more than likely won’t know about it! If anything does go wrong- just laugh it off (like they did in the below picture)!

Wedding Laughs

Thanks for reading this October bride wedding blog. I hope you were inspired by all the wedding advice!

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