A big regret that wedding couples have is not spending enough time together. I see it all the time in my wedding monthly blogs. It is a regret of ours two as we didn’t hang out enough time together on our wedding day even though we were convinced we would.

PLEASE make sure you schedule this time together into your wedding day timeline or get your Bridesmaids to reminder you of it or the wedding co-ordinator. ⁠

Here are some ideas to make sure you get this quality time together:


Have a  first look together and soak in the moment! Even though it is more than likely that the wedding photographer will be there too try to ignore them and enjoy this first moment together.

This is Cáit & Rob’s first look before heading to the church! Read lots more of Cáit’s wedding tips in my March Wedding Blog


As much as you can throughout the day hold each others hand. That way you are less likely to get split up and you can talk to the same people together. A little bit of this intimacy is such a great idea! 

Hold Hands

Oh how I wished we did this like Alannah & Eoin! Read their wedding story here


Don’t just have one slow dance aka first dance, have lots of them as you will be in each others arm for longer!! Also, I love the idea of the last dance of the night to be for the bride and groom (and make it is slow one too!). TBH I think I would be bawling at this stage though!!!!

Edel & Mark had a NYE wedding and it was a cracker! Have a read of it here


Disappear after the ceremony or when the dinner bells goes. This is a popular time and usually the wedding co-ordinator will be on the ball for this and take you to your bridal suite to show it to you and let you catch your breathe for a bit! A bride to be messaged me to say they are going to disappear after the ceremony and come back from the confetti toss on the steps (amazing!)

April Wedding

Karen and Tony stopped on their way to the venue for some time out (and got loads of fab photos too). They feature in my April Wedding Blog


Usually the top table finish their meal first so this is a perfect opportunity to leave the room! Grab a drink! Go outside! Walk around the grounds of the venue! Get a sunset photo! Walk off a bit of the dinner before the dancing starts! 

My beautiful friends … Zoë and Glenn having some bubbles in peace

Share your own tips below!