Are you getting married in September?

Hello to all you September brides – past, present and future! And hello to the rest of you brides coming along to have a read for lots of wedding tips and wedding inspiration! What I love about these monthly wedding blogs is having the opportunity to share real brides wedding photos, and stories and all their wedding advice with you.

Getting Married in September?

Wedding Tips From Real Brides

Zoë and Glenn’s Wedding Party

What an unbelievably super few days we had at Zoë and Glenn’s wedding in Wineport Lodge! There is absolutely nothing more special than to be part of your friends big day! Zoë and I have been friends since forever, having grown up a few doors down from each other.

Wedding Tip - get a photo of you two laughing Husband and Wife

Thank you both for the most fabulous time at your wedding celebrations! We are blessed with your friendship.  

Here are Zoë’s top wedding tips:

1. There is no rule book – there are traditions and norms that surround a wedding but it is your day, your family and friends and your budget so do it YOUR way. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea or the way they would do things – it is what you both want that matters. It is also an opportunity to put your own stamp on things so have fun with it. Most things about Zoë and Glenn’s wedding went against the usual wedding tradition – it was a party, not a wedding, they had no formal bridal party, no first dance, no cake……but they had lots of fun!

2. Personalise the ceremony – this was the part of their party that Zoë was dreading as she does not like all eyes on her or being the focal point. To help enjoy it more they only invited 20 close family/friends to the ceremony. For their humanist ceremony the celebrant got them to spend time picking out songs and readings which was something Zoë found a pain at the time! However, she is now so glad they invested the time in it as it was really personal and it turned out to be their favourite part of the day.

Personalise ceremony - wedding tip

3. Don’t get stressed about the unexpected or the things you can’t control. Things will happen last minute or in the run-up to your wedding day. This is normal and there is always a solution so try not to stress about it.  Nobody even noticed that the saxophone player they had booked got sick on the day of their wedding and another musician had to step in!


4. At some point during your wedding day try to take a few minutes, just the two of you, to have a drink together and take it all in.

Gráinne & Jamie’s Wedding Day

There is nothing better than a family wedding so when we got the wedding invitation to my cousin, Gráinne and her fiancé’s, Jamie, wedding we were over the moon! This wedding, which was in the Carnegie Court Hotel, was all about fun and laughter! The big hit for me was the wedding photobooth they had and we even managed to get a great family photo (see below)!

Here are Gráinne’s top wedding tips:

1. The most important thing for them was the photographer. They went for a non-intrusive photographer because they wanted him to capture photos in the moment.

2. Gráinne would also highly recommend a videographer because they watch their wedding video every anniversary which is such a lovely idea.

3. They also made sure that they took 15 minutes together before the meal. They enjoyed these special moments having a glass of champagne and catching up with each other.  This is a great piece of wedding advice that lots of brides give because if they don’t do it they regret it! Make sure you put it on your to do list!

4. One thing they do regret is not getting more photos of the sweets table and photo booth as these came later in the day! I totally agree with this because when I was doing my blog on “My 10 Top Tips To Create Your Wedding Sweets Table” the amount of couples who didn’t have a photo of their sweets table was insane. Even if your photographer has left for the evening before the sweets table or photo booth appears it might be an idea to ask one of your wedding guests to take some good photos of them.

5. Gráinne’s last wedding tip is to try and not to stress about your wedding.  Try not to listen too much about what other people say because at the end of the day it is your wedding and everyone is there to celebrate with you both.

Wedding Tips From Kelli & Stephen’s Wedding Day

In Kelli’s own words “I still look back on our wedding weekend as the best party of our lives, and I know we will feel the same in forty years!!”

When planning a wedding Kelli thinks it is so important to find your vision or direction for your big day and see it through. Pinterest is great for getting all your wedding ideas together and you will start to see the direction you want to go quite clearly when you look at everything you pinned!

Also, the best thing she says they did was “intensive planning” as they spent so much time making sure every aspect was exactly how they wanted it.  This certainly paid off because all the hours they spent planning their wedding meant that their big day went so smoothly.  When Kelli looks back on her wedding day there isn’t a single detail she would change!

Their wedding planning started with her wedding dress and the golds and ivory colours – it was the first wedding dress she tried on and everything else was an extension of it! As she tells me she hates the word “theme” but would describe the “direction” for their wedding as a nod to the 1920’s – but a total mix of the Parisian/American 1920’s that was totally Gatsby, debauchery and wild and the more civilised Irish/English 1920’s that was pure elegance & gorgeous garden parties & beautiful muted florals.  As Kelli reminisces she thinks it funny how one era can be portrayed so differently by different cultures, but she loved mixing the different vibes of each. 

Her biggest wedding tip to all brides, is to plan – plan it to a T and think of every little detail and how you want it. When you have put the hours in for these things ahead of time you don’t have to think about them on the day!

Also, spend money on the things you will have forever – like the photos and the rings!

Kelli and Stephen had a humanist ceremony that was very special to them as they put it together themselves. They chose every reading, piece of music and their own vows. It was very personal and with each reading Kelli was just trying not to cry! As she says it is very moving to have the people you love more than anything in the world help you celebrate and express the love you have for your partner. They also did a traditional Celtic Handfasting as part of their wedding ceremony that involved both their mums, so that was also very meaningful to them.

Mother of the Bride

Another special moment for Kelli was having both her father and her step-father walk her down the aisle. It was so special for her to be able to include them both.

Wedding Tip - walking down the aisle

One of the best parts of the wedding for Kelli was the flowers! Putting together the flowers with her florist; from moss panels at their ceremony to the floral chandeliers over the tables, was a total dream and one of Kelli’s very favourite parts of her wedding, after the wedding dress of course!

Wedding Ceremony  Wedding Tip - Priortise your budget

Ballynatray Estate was a dream location for this couple as they were able to make the whole estate their own for a long weekend.  A lovely wedding tip from Kelli, is do like them and put pictures of their families up in the rooms of the house that were interesting or funny for all their wedding guests to look at and it really made it feel like their own place.

Wedding Tip to put photos in the house/hotel Wedding Tip to put photos in the house/hotel Wedding Tip to put photos in the house/hotel

When Kelli walked back up the aisle as a Mrs she was without her wedding bouquet.  Whilst she has no regrets pop this on a list to remind your bridesmaids to make sure you have your bouquet walking back up the aisle.

Kelli only had two bridesmaids, but she got ready with them and all of her best friends that morning.  There was 9 of them in total and Kelli thought it was the best thing being surrounded by them all and felt it was so perfect.  She really did not want a big wedding party so this is how she got to include her best friends without extra bridesmaids! I love this brilliant wedding advice!

Kelli, thanks so much for sharing this all with me and my followers! It was a truly special wedding! We absolutely loved celebrating your wedding day with you both. The more I think about your day the more I remember all the details of it! It was so beautiful!

A good wedding tip to get a photo with the girls

Thanks for reading this September bride wedding blog. I hope you found all the wedding tips very useful.

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