Am I really writing about a heatwave wedding in Ireland? Normally bride and grooms are looking for tips on managing a wedding in the rain …

But in case of a bit of a heatwave I thought I would pulled together my Top 10 Cool Ideas for a Heatwave Wedding:

1. Flip Flops

Avoid shoes or anything that your feet will get sweaty in and get those flip flops on! Not only for the guests but for you too! There are some gorgeous flip flops to be found in Dune, ASOS etc.

Wedding Shoes

These are real bride Lorraine’s beautiful pair of sparkly flats that she got for her wedding day. Lorraine features in my October Wedding Blog

2. “Take a Hat”

Provide sun hats for your guests if your ceremony is outside! Penney’s might be a good option to source these (and hopefully on the cheap side too)

3. Hydrate

As well as having the alcohol flowing let’s not forget the water! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Why not have a water station as this will remind everyone to drink (and it’ll help with the hangovers in the morning!). You could even have your own Wifey and Hubby water bottles.

4. Ice cream

“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream”. It is a known fact that at all ages we are all lovers of ice cream and what a great idea it is to have an ice cream van/cart after the ceremony. And it makes for superb photos too!

5. Fans

It is the best way to cool us down (and the prettiest!)

6. Sun cream

We can probably guess how many guests will arrive having applied SPF so it is a great idea to have sunscreen on offer whether that is in the bathrooms or outside as part of a sun cream station as the last thing anyone wants is burnt noses or strap marks!!!

7. Soup

If you have soup on your menu maybe you could try and see if you can change it to something cooler!!! This may not be possible but it would be worth asking.

8. Make Up Artist

As it is so warm your makeup isn’t going to stay in place as well as you might have hoped. If it is in your budget you could see if your makeup artist could stay on a bit longer even until after the ceremony and do some touch ups?

9. First Dance

Instead of having your first dance inside could you do it outside? In the courtyard or an area the venue might have that is suitable and could you dress it up with fairy lights etc. It could be so romantic?

10. Time Out

Use the heat as an excuse for getting some extra time out! Go outside for another 5 minutes with your bridesmaids or your parents and enjoy these extra special moments.

What other ideas or tips have I missed? Let me know in the comments below