I think it is fair to say that I am all about my lists and this Hen Party Checklist for the Bride To Be is a must have for any bride going on her hen!

Don’t stress about last-minute packing! I’ve got you covered with the ultimate checklist for everything you need to bring to your hen party.

Here are my top 20 essentials for the bride-to-be to bring on her hen! 

  1. Outfit (I think this goes without saying, but will you treat yourself to a new outfit, shoes?). This is an easy one to tick off in advance and it is a fun to-do also! 
  2. Flats (after all the dancing the night beforehand you will need the comfy flats for the next day)
  3. Is transport sorted or do you need to figure this out?
  4. Passport if you are lucky enough to be flying off for your hen
  5. Make-up kit 
  6. Beauty essentials and don’t forget your toothbrush
  7. GHD/Curling tongs
  8. If you are doing any activities don’t forget your runners
  9. PJ’s (you might want to bring a second cosy (and of course cute!) pair if there is a chill out night planned)
  10. Plasters for your feet (for the day after!)
  11. Swimwear (possibly!)
  12. Accessories, such as perfume or a statement piece of jewellery
  13. Bottles of water
  14. First aid kit – painkillers will no doubt be essential and pop in some plasters for the feet too
  15. Phone charger (as I always forget this) and a power bank so you capture all these unforgettable memories
  16. Sunglasses as you never know with the Irish weather (and most definitely if you are going abroad)
  17. Pack plenty of snacks and goodies for when you might get peck-ish!
  18. Tissues (especially if you are expecting some tears!!)
  19. Ear plugs? Do you have any friends who snore!!!!!?????
  20. And most importantly enjoy this special time with your girls and take lots of photos

Don’t be caught off guard on the day of the hen party!

Plan ahead and use this checklist as your ultimate guide for a fabulous and stress-free celebration. 

And be sure to let me know if I have missed anything!

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love