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May Bride

And it is an extra special month and it’s my birthday month! I’m on the countdown to the 24th! Luckily I was born in May as my Mum’s mother was May and my Mum always said if she had a girl she would call her May! And my daughter’s middle name is “May” too!

Real Wedding Inspiration

Caitríona and Kieran’s Sunny Wedding Day in Mount Juliet 

This month I am featuring four real weddings that took place in the month of May and I have asked each May bride to share some of their top wedding tips.

It was such an honour when Caitríona asked me to be her bridesmaid. I felt extremely lucky to be part of her bridal party on their special day.  It is always such an honour when you are asked to be part of a bridal party. A few months after Caitríona asked me, I found out I was pregnant so I was 7 months pregnant at their wedding!

Caitríona and Kieran got married on an absolute scorcher of a day in Mount Juliet and both were so relaxed on their day taking in every moment!

The one piece of advice Caitríona gives is that the group photos of the couple with their family and relatives and groups of friends are so important and she advises that you should put some thought into them beforehand as there are some photos she wished she had gotten e.g. one with just her and her brother.

And in the same vein she adds that you should get your wedding photographer to take these photos in different places.  Her photographer did every single group photo just in front of an ivy wall with her squinting into the sun. With having their wedding in such a gorgeous venue like in Mount Juliet, it was a pity he didn’t take some indoors or around the other side of the house/at the front door etc. Her top tip is to have a variety of locations for your wedding shots which I think is a really good one!

This was the moment that Caitríona saw herself in her dress for the first time! She was an absolutely stunning bride!


Be sure to get photos of your girlfriends on your wedding day

Cathy and Bod’s Summer Wedding In Coolbawn

And on the exact same day that Caitríona and Kieran got married, so did another two of our close friends! We were so sad to miss this wedding but Cathy and Brendan kindly shared some photos with me!

They got married in Coolbawn Quay and on route from Terryglass Church, Tipperary to the venue they stopped at a yellow rapeseed field and got some amazing photos! And then they got a boat trip over to their venue!

Cathy’s top tip is that she found emailing the wedding invites really handy and would definitely recommend this sending invites this way!

Summer Wedding In All It’s Glory

Zita and Gordon’s Top Wedding Tips

Another May bride is our friends Zita and Gordon.  They got married in Castlerosse in Killarney! Zita has lots of top tips to share with you all.

Starting off, they had a rule where they only invited people they both knew and met – none of the parents neighbours down the road from 20 years ago – nice if you can manage this!

It can be so hard to include all family members in your big day but Zita did a great job of it! She is the youngest of 8 and had 18 nieces and nephews at the time so she really tried her best for all her family members to have a job. Her brother walked her down the aisle; her eldest niece was one of her bridesmaids; her closest sister in age was her chief bridesmaid; all the kids got do a reading or prayer of the faithful and one of her nieces and nephews were the flower girl and page boy.

Gordon is very creative and made the wedding cake and muffins himself! They also made their wedding favours which were a “penny mix with brown bag” as a memory from their childhood. I was pregnant at the time and munched on these sweets all day!

Wedding Speeches, Wedding Friends, Wedding Cake What More Could You Want!

Siobhan and Alan’s Spiritualist Wedding in Barberstown Castle

Siobhan is my 4th May bride who married Alan in 2015 on the May Bank Holiday weekend in Barberstown Castle.  They got married on the Sunday so we all had the bank holiday Monday to recover! (and we needed it!).  They had spiritualist wedding so they could choose what they wanted.  They picked a sand ceremony so as they could include their daughter in the ceremony which was just beautiful. 

They didn’t have a list of wedding photos they wanted the photographer to take as neither of them like having their photos taken and they didn’t want to be posing for hours. In hindsight she wishes they made a short list as on the day as a smile came naturally to them both!! 

They also chose for a small ceremony and a larger afters as they never like being the centre of attention and by the time the afters came they had relaxed after a few drinks! I say it so much and I will say it again.  It is your day and you do what works for you! The smaller ceremony was so intimate, so personal and for me the biggest highlight of the day.

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