Are you just engaged? Are you looking for some engagement tips?

When I got engaged I remember feeling so overwhelmed and I had no idea where to start planning and people kept asking me so many questions – When are you getting married? Where is the wedding venue? Have you looked at dresses yet (does this sound familiar?)

My very first tip is not to rush into anything. Take your time. There is no hurry! Enjoy celebrating your engagement and live in this moment. And always remember it is “your day, your way”.

I was one of the first of my friends to get engaged and would have loved to have got lots of advice so I recently asked my followers on my Instagram account what was the best piece of advice they got when they got engaged or what is the best engagement tip they have! I am going to pop them below as they are really to read:

  • Don’t listen to what anyone else has to say! It is tough at times but it is your day
  • Take time and enjoy your engagement celebrations before you start planning the wedding
  • Do it your way
  • Enjoy the planning – it is the best part
  • Enjoy the engagement and don’t rush into getting married (but I still cannot wait to marry my best friend)
  • Plan the wedding you both want to have rather than what anyone else wants you to have
  • Enjoy the engagement, don’t rush the planning
  • It’s your big day make sure you pick the suppliers you love and trust (this bride to be got this advice from her Mum)
  • Enjoy it … special times
  • Take time to plan the wedding and don’t go into debt for it
  • (This was about our house but still applicable) It has to be paid for whether you like it or not. So pay for something you like
  • Someone once told me (before I got engaged) they wished they had enjoyed being engaged instead of rushing to book everything straight away
  • Take your time and don’t go rushing in booking  
  • Book everything and tell nobody. So when MIL comes telling you who to book it is done!
  • Enjoy the engagement bubble! Don’t start planning for a few weeks and enjoy being engaged
  • Do what you and your fiancé want and not what your families want
  • Enjoy the moment, enjoy the fuss! People love good news. But most importantly, you do you!
  • Go and elope
  • You can’t please everyone, it is your day, do what YOU want not what everyone else wants!
  • It’s your wedding, don’t let anyone take over it
  • Plan the wedding you both want including the guest list. Don’t worry what people will think
  • Write down a list of all the engagement gifts you get from people so you remember who to thank
  • Do your research before seeing the venues so you don’t go and see loads! Narrow it down and go see your favourites
  • To just do what makes you and your partner happy, you can’t please everyone … and boy was that true
  • Plan the wedding you want not the one your parents want
  • Make a wedding email

As mentioned above I was very overwhlemed by what was involved in planning a wedding as I had never planned something so big before and definitely hadn’t spent this kind of money before on anything! Throughout our engagement I kept looking for a complete wedding “to-do” list for getting married in Ireland. I needed some sort of guidance and also reassurance that I was doing everything I should do! I never found one …

Then on honeymoon as we chatted about our big day, I kept coming back to saying how much easier the planning would have been if there was a checklist which listed everything you needed to do to getting married in Ireland. And with that, My Wedding Planner was born!  If you fancy having a read of this journey have a read of my blog titled “My Wedding Planner Book” or if you wish to purchase My Wedding Planner click here

Thanks for reading