Hen Party Game Ideas

Drop Your Panties / The Panty Game

For a friends hen party we did a few hen party games and this was one of them.  It is such a fun game to do! The idea is that each guest brings a pair of (new!) panties that they think reflects the bride’s personality (or maybe their own personality). When you arrive at the hen party you pop them into a box and then the bride has to guess who brought which pair! It is such a simple and fun (DIY) hen party to plan and one that everybody is involved it! 

At the end of it, not only will there be huge laughter from you all but the bride will get a great selection of underwear going into her marriage! Enjoy the game! Bottoms up!

PS. Don’t forget the Granny’s knickers and I sell some good statement underwear here such as “Not Tonight“, “Off The Market” and “I Promise Tomorrow

An alternative to this game would be to do say an arts and crafts station where the hens can decorate underwear for the bride! 

Or another idea could be for the Maid of Honour or Bridesmaids to give the bride the present of underwear for the week based on the below theme! 

  • Be madly in love on Monday
  • Be trashy on Tuesday
  • Get wild on Wednesday
  • Be thrilling on Thursday
  • Be flashy on Friday
  • Be seductive on Saturday
  • Be silly on Sunday


Note: More hen party game inspiration coming soon …