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Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses is one of the hardest wedding jobs. With your bridal party being different sizes, heights, personalities etc it can be tricky to get something that suits everyone so here are my 10 Top Tips you need when starting to search for your bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid Dresses

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  1. Begin the hunt for the perfect dresses by looking online and in wedding magazines to get an idea of what you like or more importantly what you don’t like! Start a mood/ Pinterest board or go old school and cut out photos and stick them into a scrapbook (or indeed onto the notes pages in My Wedding Planner)
  2. What type of bridesmaid dress do you want to go for? Full length? Tea Length? Short? Midi? Maxi?
  3. What style of bridesmaid dress would you like? Do you want all the girls in the same style or will you go different styles?
  4. What fabric will you go for? You want something comfortable that they can enjoy their wedding dinner in and dance the night away! (and something that doesn’t crease!)
  5. What colour will you go for? Will it be a colour from your wedding colour palette? All the same colour or different colours of bridesmaid dresses? Or will it be a bold colour to contrast your wedding dress colour? Will the time of the year you are getting married in dictate the colour? Or will you go all white?
  6. Decide if you will go bridesmaid dress shopping by yourself first and then bring your bridesmaids or make a day of it from the very start and all go together? Just bear in mind the number of bridesmaids you might have all trying to find the perfect dress in a shop – it could be a bit chaotic!!!
  7. What is your budget? Shop around for the best price? If you are getting your bridesmaid dresses in the wedding boutique where you are getting your wedding dress they might be able to offer you a discount so be sure to ask. You could also look at the option of renting your bridesmaid dresses.
  8. If purchasing online make sure you factor in the cost of delivery (as it could work out more expensive than buying it in an Irish shop) and the lead time (especially if ordering from China). Also, be careful of sizes differing in different countries!
  9. When you pick the dresses get a swatch as you may want this when purchasing other wedding accessories e.g. bridesmaid shoes
  10. And finally, remember it is your wedding so you have the final say.

Like all the above top tips you will find so many more wedding tips in My Wedding Planner. I have dedicated  a chapter to the “Bridal Party Attire”  so in this section you will find wedding tips for searching for your own wedding dress, the mother of the bride/groom, wedding suit providers etc.

On my Instagram page I was recently chatting about finding that perfect bridesmaid dress.  There is so much choice out there but yet it is something most brides seem to struggle with so I asked you where you are getting your bridesmaid dresses from! You were all amazing and sent me on the places you are getting them and some photos.

And finally I wanted to share with you the websites and shops that brides who follow me on Instagram recommended!

Recommended Websites 

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