Hello to you all, especially if you are a March bride!

Is this your wedding month?

This month is definitely the month for longer and brighter days with spring in sight!

In this month’s blog I am thrilled this month to be featuring two of our friends weddings!

March Bride – The Gorgeous Cáit!

Cáit and Rob got married in Mount Falcon Estate in Mayo on 15 March 2013.  These two are true romantics! Rob proposed to Cáit in a very unique way using origami flowers in a trail from the front door to the sitting room and then all around the room. Cáit had no clue he could even make them and was totally caught off guard with the proposal.

As you can imagine the origami flowers then played a big part in their wedding. Cáit had an origami bouquet, which also means that she has it now for a forever keepsake.  Rob even made the flowers for her hair (check out the pics)! I just loved this personalised thought to their big day.

March Bride

March Bride  March Bride

Cáit and Rob broke tradition slightly in that they met before the church ceremony.  It was like two love birds meeting in secret.  The first glance they had of each other was when they met in the hotel, with Cáit coming down the stairs to Rob in her wedding dress. She remembers it as such a wonderful moment and still gets wobbly thinking about it!

First look

March Bride

They then travelled to the church together and greeted everyone as they arrived.  This was another personalised touch and something that stands out to me from their wedding day). Cáit seen this done at her American friend’s wedding and once she got over the shock of it she absolutely loved the idea of it and hence did it for their own wedding. They had their parents meet and greet the guests also and then walk down the aisle together, followed by their bridesmaids and groomsmen and then lastly themselves.


My Lisa! Another March Bride

Next up is my very good friend Lisa, who I met when working in J&J (both of us HR people).  Lisa married her soulmate Johnny on 3 March 2012 and following from the church they had their reception in Carton House, Maynooth. They had beautiful personal touches to their day! They both love VW camper vans so they decided to rent one to drive themselves in style from the church to the hotel! I have never seen so many people take photos of a wedding car and that is saying something as the wedding car is something my husband, Niall, always looks at being in the motor industry!

VW Campervan

March Bride

The other great thing about this wedding was the (initial) undercover singing chef they got to do some entertainment during the dinner! We couldn’t stop laughing! Niall and I didn’t know anyone else at the wedding so this definitely broke the ice at our table! If you are considering some entertainment over the dinner be sure to check them out!

(We had Patricia Treacy, a fabulous violinist play during our meal and I cannot recommend her highly enough)

Singing Chef Singing Chef

March Bride

Lisa and I

I was 5 months pregnant (with Seán) at their wedding

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