Organising the hen party décor is one of the fun parts of planning a hen! And you can go as big with them as you like! Here are My Top 10 Tips on Organising the Best Hen Party Décor.

1. Location

Where is the hen party taking place? Where is the venue? Have you rented somewhere or is it taking place in a restaurant? Or are you staying in a hotel and in that case you might just decorate the bride’s bedroom?

2. Rules

Are there any rules as to what you are allowed stick up on the walls? For example, can you use thumb tacks or is Blu Tack okay?

3. Space

What is your space? How much room do you have? There is no point in going mad on spending loads on hen decorations if you don’t have the space or room to use them.

4. Versatile

Is there any hen party decorations that you can take with you on the night? For instance, hang a ring balloon on the wall for the start of the night’s celebrations and then when you go out the bride can wear it on her arm.

5. DIY

Does everything need to be bought? Are any of the bridesmaids crafty? Or any of the bride’s friends? What bits could you do yourselves or what could you make and you might even save yourself a few bob?!

6. Budget

Money always comes into it. Like a bride budgeting for her wedding, where do you want to spend the money on the hen party. Is the bride into décor? Does she love a good photo op? Does she love a theme which brings us nicely onto the next tip …

7. Theme

Is there a theme to the hen party or a colour theme e.g. black and white where the hens where black and the bride wears white? Or does the bride have a favourite colour? Or will you go for neutrals colours or bold colours or does it even matter?

8. Set-Up

This is probably my top tip – set up the décor early! Don’t be last minute. Plan with the other bridesmaids to arrive earlier than the rest of the guests and decorate the room/place. The last thing you want is to arrive the same time as the guest or the bride or worse than that try to set up when everyone is there and you are missing out on the fun!! PREPARE!!! And BE EARLY

9. Memories

Whatever you do make memories! With whatever decorations you have take photos, photos and photos!!! Take plenty! Ask the guests to send on their photos and get them developed or even better get them developed and pop them into a photo album. A hen party is so special that it is so amazing to capture these moments to treasure forever!

10. Pack Away

Don’t forget that depending on where you are staying you’ll need to pack away the decorations so see what you can keep or even if you have some confetti on the tables keep some that you can pop into the photo album or if there is anything that can be used again for another hen party! And as you’ll more than likely be doing this the morning after rope in any volunteers you can to help you out!!!

Are there any other tips you would add to this list?

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