The Jo Malone Scented Wedding Experience

I could start and finish this blog in one sentence and say – “This is a definitive must do”

I was super excited to be invited by Jo Malone to try their fabulous Scented Wedding Experience in Brown Thomas.  I met with Sarah of Jo Malone, who was just brilliant! So knowledgeable about everything to do with perfume and had a genuine interest in My Wedding Planner and weddings in general.

First things first, you can bring a plus one with you who can be the groom (they have a lovely cologne range), a bridesmaid, your Mum etc! But for me, it was my 4 year old daughter as she didn’t want to go feed the ducks with her brothers in Stephen’s Green (until after the consultation when she got an ice-cream for being the best plus one!!). I asked Sarah if she would recommend this consultation for a small hen party but she felt it was better just to have two people max to get the right experience and having gone through it I totally agree with her!

Even Orla loved the experience!

It is a completely personal experience and the choice of perfume will vary for everyone! Sarah begins each consultation in asking what type of wedding you are having? Do you have a theme? What is your dress like? What flowers are you going with etc? All this will factor into finding the perfume for you!

Next up is to smell a selected range of fragrances based on your answers to the above questions! To be perfectly honest I knew nothing about perfumes (but now I do!). To me it was a bit like wine tasting where they ask you can you taste the chocolate in it or can you smell the wood! Eh no, but I do know what wines I like! Sarah talked through the different types, the ingredients, the science behind it etc and it was very fascinating but for me it was all in the smell and I quickly knew what I liked and what I didn’t like! I couldn’t decide between two fragrances so Sarah did a combination – now that is a personalised Jo Malone perfume just for me!!!

I then got a hand and arm massage with my combination fragrances! It was divine and so relaxing! Honestly, I didn’t want to have a shower the next morning as I could still smell the Jo Malone fragrances!

Such an amazing hand and arm massage!

As well as perfumes in all different sizes there are body lotions, candles etc! There is a  particular candle which will initially seem very expensive at €365 but to me if you have this candle (the same scent as your perfume) burning throughout your big day it would be incredible! Sarah spoke about your perfume being a “memory in a bottle” so picture wearing your scent on your wedding day, then the candle is burning in the church and then is moved to the venue! Imagine this smell throughout the day! And after honeymoon you can light it at home and it’ll bring back all those memories! Sarah suggested you wear the perfume on your wedding day, honeymoon and then for special occasions e.g., date nights, wedding anniversaries etc reinforcing that idea of a “memory in a bottle”.

Lace cover finish especially for brides

Some of my favourite products

Did I mention that this is a free consultation? The only “problem” is though that you will purchase something because the products are just amazing … but you are under absolutely no obligation to buy! Sarah recommends you book your consultation 2 weeks before your wedding (and that way you are in season for your perfume) and get to treat yourself! The lead up to the wedding is very stressful so if you book yourself in for this consultation you get time out to yourself.  Brides are always making sure everyone else is sorted in the lead up to their special day so be sure to take some time out for yourself! You even get a glass of Prosecco during the consultation so it really is a treat. Just fantastic!

To book simply call the Jo Malone store in Brown Thomas on 01 6171181.

PS. This is only one of the many consultations they offer! Sarah spoke of an E vitamin treatment they provide for free too, so Sarah you are sure to get a call from me on this one!

Thank you Sarah