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Is 2020 your year to wed?

Is January your month to get married?

If yes, keep reading because in 2019 I decided to do a monthly wedding blog for each month of the year to share real weddings with lots of brides top wedding tips in giving you lots of wedding inspirations and wedding ideas!

A big welcome to all you January brides and indeed anyone who has just got engaged or planning a wedding? Whilst this wedding blog focuses on January wedding it doesn’t matter what time of the year you are getting married you will still get lots of wedding tips in reading through it.

Just Engaged?

Real Wedding Featuring Our Wedding 😊

There is no better way that to kick start a year than with a wedding … and I should know that! Or if you’ve just got engaged! I would know that too as we got engaged on Christmas Day and then got married 12 months later on 2 January in Dunboyne Castle Hotel.  For me, Christmas is the most magical time of the year! One of my best friends, Rachael got married 4 days before me (and I was very lucky to be her bridesmaid) so we had ours after New Years on the 2 January 2010 in the SNOW! Rachael and Conor’s wedding is featured in my December Wedding Blog.

I have posted photos of our wedding so many times but now I will show you some photos of how our wedding differed with it being in January, although it was more of a Christmas wedding! First up, I had a faux fur wrap as there was no way I could brave the cold without one! Also, I didn’t wear a veil so later in the day it was nice to take the wrap off as it showed the dress off a little bit more!

Just Engaged - Check out my Faux Fur Wrap


And then we had the snow! I still cannot believe that we got the snow – I always wanted it for our wedding! Our wedding photos are stunning with it! My Mum did the flowers for our wedding but our local florist, Absolutely Fabulous Flowers  gave us a red carpet! I don’t even know how Mum thought of this but on the morning of the wedding the red carpet was rolled out in the back garden! The photos we got were incredible – the contrast of the colours!

Just Engaged? Dreaming of a Snow Wedding

This is one of my favourite wedding photos! We didn’t do a meet and greet at the church as I wanted to get to our wedding venue in daylight to get some photos. Instead we did the meet and greet as our wedding guests were going in for dinner! It was actually a lovely time to do it as we were both relaxed and indoors so we were nice and warm.  At the last minute in leaving the church our photographer, Dermot Byrne, had the idea of doing a group shot outside the church! We didn’t get everyone but we got most and I love it with the church in the background and the snow everywhere!

Wedding Photo

Just Engaged – Check Out My Wedding Planner

Unlike the other monthly blogs I haven’t included my wedding tips as they are all in My Wedding Planner. 

My Wedding Planner

During my own 12-month engagement, I could not find a complete wedding “to-do” list for getting married in Ireland. As a result from the knowledge and experience I gained from planning my own wedding, I decided to create My Wedding Planner to make other brides’ lives easier in planning their own wedding. And over the last few years it has really evolved giving me the chance to go at it full time.  If you fancy having a read of this journey have a read of my blog titled “My Wedding Planner Book”

Pantone Colour of the Year

And to finish off this blog post let me tell you what the 2020 colour of the year is! With the start of each New Year there is always a new colour and so this year the Pantone Colour of the Year is Classic Blue.  Will you incorporate this colour into your wedding? Here is a little bit of inspiration for you.

Pantone Colour of the Year

Blue Bridesmaids Blue Wedding Decor  Blue Wedding Stationary  

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